Our purpose to operate as a Community Development Corporation to impact the quality of life in our communities through Education, Healthcare, Mental Health Rehabilitation, and Social Services. We help give back to the community through our programs to assist people to change their lives by giving them the needed life skill tools to make a change for the better. Operation Reach Back partners with local and federal government agencies, plus public/ private resources to help facilitate these changes in people's lives as well as the community at large.

We are working on our first group home / transitional housing in the Dayton Area and are looking forward to adding more around Montgomery/ Miami County area's in the future. We see a need for our services in these communities with not enough resources to go around for the growing need surrounding us. One of our goals is to rehabilitate vacant, abandoned residential and commercial properties to turn them into affordable housing, independent living centers, schools, and mixed- use facilities for families, veterans, elderly, or homeless individuals. This not only uses properties that have fallen into disrepair but helps get our community back on its feet with a place for people to go while they are trying to change their lives.


We are Operation Reach Back, Inc. and it was formed in 2012. This has been a lifelong dream of Founder/ CEO, Kevin Walters after his own experiences growing up on the Westside of Dayton, Ohio. As a child, Kevin's family struggled to have even the basics of water, electric, and enough food to go around. The same story of so many in our community even today. This led Kevin to want to make a difference in our communities, by giving back to others. Kevin has been successful in his life creating several businesses that he has used to help give back to the community by giving people chances they otherwise might not have been given. Now Kevin is ready to expand further into helping in the community with the re-entry programs and community services program.

Kevin met Angi Colwell, who became the Director after discovering that they had the exact same goals with the non-profit. Angi has a history of working in the community with Inmates in plus out of the prison system, job development for re-entry, and coaching as well as an ABA of Psychology degree. Together we formed a partnership that is helping transform Operation Reach Back, Inc. into what it will become.


We are looking for sponsors to help us, help the people in our community. Your sponsorship will help impact people's lives as well as make a difference in our community. We would greatly appreciate your donation and by becoming a sponsor you will be featured on our website, promoted as a business that is working towards a betterment of our community.

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