Carve Out a Place to Call Your Own

Participate in our affordable housing initiative in Dayton, Youngstown, Troy, Piqua, and Tipp City OH

We are working on our Office first to ready ourselves for creating group homes and transitional housing in Dayton, Youngstown, Troy, Piqua, and Tipp City OH. We are looking forward to adding more around Montgomery/ Miami County areas in the future. If you're looking for a transitional home and trying to get back on your feet, you can take advantage of our affordable housing initiative. Operation Reach Back renovates homes on the west side of Dayton and throughout Youngstown, Troy, Piqua, and Tipp City OH. One of our goals is to rehabilitate vacant, abandoned residential and commercial properties to turn them into affordable housing, independent living centers, schools, and mixed-use facilities for families, veterans, elderly, or homeless individuals. This not only uses properties that have fallen into disrepair but helps get our community back on its feet with a place for people to go while they are trying to change their lives.

Call 937-250-1770 today if you're interested in our non-profit that remodels homes.