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Learn more about how we serve the Dayton, OH community

Living comfortably shouldn't be a luxury. Operation Reach Back in Dayton, OH serves our community in a variety of ways to help improve the lives of Dayton residents. From working to eliminate food deserts to increasing the amount of available affordable housing, we strive to help every member of our community live comfortably and flourish. You can even turn to us for educational services.

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Partnerships in the Community

Operation Reach Back, Inc partners with local and federal government agencies, plus public/ private resources to help facilitate these changes in people's lives as well as the community at large. Bringing to our House Residents the community services such as Mental Health/ Dr Appointment Assistance, Transportation, Food Assistance, Job Assistance, and Other Assistance's as needed per the individuals needs.

Big O House Is a Re-Entry Program House

Operation Reach Back, Inc. is working on preparing our first Re-Entry and Transitional House in the Dayton, Ohio area. The house is named after Kevin's uncle, Otha Lee Walters who worked for the City of Dayton for 43 year's, the original owner of this house. Mr. Walters set the precedence for Operation Reach Back, Inc by his example. Mr. Walters always helped others that were down on their luck by giving them a hand up. Hence our Motto, "Giving People a Hand Up But Not a Hand Out." We are working on getting this house operational for 3 or 4 people coming into the program.

Program in House

Each House Resident will be required to follow the rules set forth by Operation Reach Back, Inc. in order to stay in the housing program. They will also be required to attend one on one coaching sessions minimum of one time per week, that are individually tailored to that person's specific needs. Some of the coaching sessions will include Money Management, Job Retention Life Skills, Maintaining a Schedule, Cooking, Grocery Shopping, etc.

Community Services

Operation Reach Back, Inc is proud to offer services to those in the community that need assistance with Money Management Skills, Life Skills, and Other Skills as needed per an Individual basis. This is done through our Coaching Program.

Operation Reach Back, Inc is about "Knowledge Sharing and About Giving People a Hand Up But Not a Hand Out."